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  • Business Web Hosting Services in Melbourne
  • Monthly renewable
  • Direct Admin Control Panel
  • Softaculous
  • Backups

After purchase?

You will be contacted via your email to get the DNS setting done. You will be guided on setting by our technical team on configuring your domain DNS. 

In case if you wan to migrater your existing your website to a your hosting please write an email request regarding the migration along with the details to get it done seamlessly . 

Payment Protection: We prioritize the security of your transactions. All payments made for our web and email hosting packages are processed securely through trusted payment gateways, ensuring the confidentiality of your financial information.

Payment Policy: Upon subscription to our web and email hosting services, payments are billed in advance on a monthly or annual basis, as per the chosen package. Any additional services availed will be charged accordingly. We offer convenient payment methods and ensure transparent billing with no hidden fees. In the event of service cancellation, refunds are subject to our refund policy, which can be reviewed in our Terms of Service.


Take your business to next level with this Business Web Hosting Services from Melbourne,

BIZ Web Hosting: Unleash the Power of Medium Websites and Advance Level Exploration

Are you an advanced user seeking to develop and explore the true beauty of web design? Look no further than BIZ Web Hosting. Tailored specifically for medium websites, our hosting services are designed to meet the demands of advanced-level users.

With BIZ Web Hosting, you can expect:

  1. Robust Performance: Our hosting platform delivers exceptional speed and performance, ensuring your medium-sized website operates at its best.
  2. Advanced Features and Tools: Unlock a wide range of advanced features and tools, empowering you to customize and optimize your website according to your unique vision.
  3. Scalability and Flexibility: As your website grows, our hosting solutions easily scale to accommodate your expanding needs, providing the flexibility required for your advanced projects.
  4. Expert Support: Our knowledgeable support team is readily available to assist you with any technical challenges or inquiries, ensuring a smooth and seamless web development experience.

Experience the full potential of your medium website with BIZ  Web Hosting. Take your web design exploration to new heights with our advanced-level hosting services. Begin your journey today and embrace the beauty of web development.


Package Detail  

  • Bandwidth 250 GB
  • Disk Space 3 GB
  • Inode 500,000
  • Domain  1
  • Subdomains 0
  • Emails 5
  • Daily emails 150
  • FTP Accounts 1
  • Direct Admin Control Panel
  • Softaculous
  • Backups
  • MySQL Database 1


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